thank you very much for your interest in my art work. Of course you can only find a part of it here.

what is ...
what was ...
what could be ....

and experience the becoming of a virtual, a social sculpture in the galleries

of all those
by this objects
of all those
who took a seat
on the lap of the angel
of all those
who started communicating
facing "dialogue".

You and your fellows enjoyed sitting on the angel's lap or found yourself in dialogue with your partner, someone else, someone different in front of "dialogue"?

You took photos? If so, please send us your most favourite per e-mail or mail.

Join in and by posting it in the gallery you will help to build a virtual sculpture, network with those you are connected with this way.

If you are responsive to my art work, do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure for me to make a tailor made offer

for your sculpture
for your graphic art
for your request.

With best regards
from Ahaus/Germany

Andreas H. Groten